Selected Discography

Piazzola – Here & Now

Nancy Roldán, piano • José Cueto, violin
Gabriella Cavallero, voice • Laura Ruas, Double Bass

This CD may be purchased in stores or ordered from the artists. Arrangements by Nancy Roldán. De venta al público. Information:

Gladness of Heart


On Wings of Angels

Duo Roldán/Cueto

Cassette Tape, Studio 508, UMBC (1993-94)
CD: Grace Productions (2000)

The acclaimed duo gather a gorgeous collection of classic favorites to move the heart…a wildly popular must for any collection, for all ages.

“A noble and sensitive interpretation, each one with mastery and both in perfect communication to shape each musical idea.” -Carlos Guastavino, Composer.

Copies of this album may be obtained from the artists.


Live recordings. (2008)

Moving lyricism and exciting rhythms permeate this unique and stirring collection of violin and piano duos which transport you from the Argentine Pampas, to the vibrant heart of America, and across the seas.


Music by T. Benjamin, Trio Americas, Nancy Roldán and José Cueto
Nyam Records Inc. 9710 (1997) Limited Edition.

“The Chamber music of Thomas Benjamin is genial and earnest, with a wide variety of textures and gestures, including some smart imitative counterpoint. The Recitativo/Allegro Barbaro, in particular, is an attractive piece, with some telling moments.” ~ American Record Guide